Tongariro National Park

The last couple of days I have been exploring the surroundings of New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park. I stayed in the National Park village, a cute little village with a few eateries and places to stay. 

My main reason to venture to this part of the North island was to go skiing on the mountain at Whakapapa ski field. Unfortunately the first day I was there the weather was no good for skiing ! So me and my dad went for a road trip around the mountain instead. 

New Zealand surely does have some amazing scenery. It makes me so happy to call this place home. We drove from the village towards Ohakune. This place is reknowned in New Zealand for their giant carrot statue/monument! As it is the carrot Capital of NZ! This was another cute little town, with a few local shops, but this town is mainly centred around accomodating for skiers. 

Further on our journey we reached Waiouru. This is where New Zealand’s army trains. It consists of a few shops but other than that nothing is really in the town apart from the National Army Museum attraction. 

The landscape at about 750m altitude is simply breathtaking. No wonder the army trains at Waiouru! There are no large trees or bush in sight. Just barren land. 

We continued to stop at lookouts and bush walks. Before coming to a few trout pools in the river. We walked over a swing bridge and down to the river where I saw just a few metres out from me, a trout! Unfortunately I had no license to catch it!!

Our final stop around the mountain was Turangi. A small fishermans town 60km from Taupo. Again, nothing much here! Just a few shops and surprisingly a Burger King!

Our second day at the village and thankfully the weather was perfect! So 7am we were up and ready to go skiing. It was a Tuesday so the ski fields were not too busy. But it was a beautiful day up on the mountain! It was only my second time skiing but after a few practise runs, I was racing my dad down the slope (only beginners! But definitely next time we will be going higher up the mountain!). 

I just loved the scenery and hidden treasures within this part of the North island. A definite must do for any budding adventurers or nature enthusiasts!


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