Upcoming Adventures 

Unfortunately I have been a bit busy with University lately so I have not been able to explore as much as I would like!! Plus the winter weather here in New Zealand prompts me to stay indoors and catch up on some binge watching on Netflix !! 

However I am stoked to be going to Ipswich, Brisbane Australia for a month towards the end of the year!  A very big weather change thankfully!! And about a month after I return back home to NZ I will be flying out and adventuring over to Liverpool University for a 6 month student exchange programme! 

I am beyond excited and also extremely nervous in the fact I will be going alone! I am already looking at places in Europe and the U.K. to travel to in the weekends and on holidays!!

In the mean time, next week I am off to Mt Ruapehu, Tongariro National Park to go skiing for a few days. I have only ever been once so I am hoping my natural abilities (that are non existent) will kick in sooner rather than later!

For those reading, I would love to hear recommendations on where I could go in either Brisbane Australia or Europe/UK! 


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