After living in New Zealand for 18 years I had never been to the biggest city in the country. So I decided to go explore Auckland for a couple of days. 

My initial expectations were probably a bit too high! I was more excited about finally getting to get on an aeroplane and fly somewhere!  It’s amazing above the clouds. 

Auckland is a city full of buildings, buildings and more buildings!! I went to the iconic sky tower and just saw a 360 degree view of the city and it’s never ending residential areas and city high rises. It was raining so didn’t get to so the greatest view from 60 floors up !

I also went to Kelly Tarltons Sea Life Aquarium which was well worth the visit as I stepped out of my comfort zone and got into a shark cage!! It was amazing to see how peaceful these huge and rather dangerous creatures are! Amazing value for money aswell. Next time it will be with great whites off the African coast! 😝​

The “Fortuna” buffet restaurant on the third floor of the sky tower is also a good recommendation. With an array of different options ranging from soup to nachos. 

A stop to Event Cinemas to watch “Wonder Woman ” was also a good choice on a rainy day! And of course the shopping down Queen street and St Luke’s Westfield shopping mall. 

My trip to Auckland only lasted 3 days but atleast I can say I’ve finally been to Auckland! Although I probably wouldn’t really want to go again in a heartbeat. England calls my name with that one. ❤️


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