Take a Walk

When you’re ever feeling down in the dumps, taking a walk and exploring something you haven’t seen or explored before just makes you feel a little bit better. 

Lately, I have not been in the best mental state of mind, but I find going outside and taking a walk, makes me forget about everything going on in my head. 

Every day I try and go somewhere new. Wherever my two feet can take me. It usually brings some joy into a dull day. 

Yesterday I went for a walk to Oriental Bay in Wellington. A beautiful little oasis on the waterfront, not far from the CBD. The water looked so clear and the sand was golden. I sat just listening to the waves roll up onto the sand, with the frequent squawks of seagulls above me. 

Some days I wish I could just jump on to a plane and escape reality. Maybe I will be able to find my true happiness. Maybe I will find that I want to pursue something different with my life. Or maybe I would discover that life is short…and just do it. 


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