Wellington LUX Light festival 2017

I’ve made it my mission to go explore something every week whilst here in Wellington. Last month I ventured out to go see the LUX Light festival. 

Little and big displays of light were scattered all around the city, however I only got the chance to see the displays on the waterfront. But this did not disappoint.

From light up candy floss (bought back childhood memories!) to a glow in the dark juggler, it had something for each and every person. A huge light show was displayed on the town hall which was something spectacular. (Below)

There were also many interactive displays and musical displays which were both mesmerising and creative. 

The below video was a display on the water. In a water fountain! It left me thinking “how did they do that!!”

It was well worth getting out and about on a cold autumn night. I highly recommend exploring this festival. It is FREE and goes for about a week so it gives you plenty of time to suds out the best day to go!

LUX Light festival = wow. 


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