Finding a Happy Place 

I think everybody has a happy place. Whether it’s somewhere physical or a mental space, everybody has something. It is important to have a happy place so you can escape the busy world around you and just be you!

When most people think of a happy place usually locations like the park, beach, garden, a city or something similar pops into mind. For me, the airport is my happy place

I am not sure why, but the airport just has a certain vibe about it that I love. I could spend hours watching the planes flying in and out of the runway, just wishing I was on one of them!! It allows my mind to escape reality and just wander off into a different country or city. 

Because I still need to study, every now and then I will take a day trip to the local airport. I’ll catch the bus and take my books with me. I’ll sit next to a window (and next to the food court 🍔) , study and watch the planes. Surprisingly I get a lot done!!

When I tell someone I am going to the airport to study, they laugh and think I am absolutely ridiculous! Well I am in a sense! But the airport was the last destination I have said goodbye to people I love, and I feel closer to them here. It makes me feel happy and I think that is all you need to feel. 

No body else’s opinions need to influence where you feel most happy and at peace with yourself. No matter how bizarre or weird your chosen happy place is!! Just make sure you find one and go there. 


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