The Heaphy Track

A few years back I was able to walk the 76km (approx) Heaphy Track on the west coast of the South Island, New Zealand.

This tramp took 4 days to complete and consisted of 3 hut stays (2/3 huts had flushable toilets!! And all huts had working lights!).

The track itself was well maintained and proved to be a very popular track for tourists and locals. It is used as both a walking and mountain bike track, ticking all the boxes!

I honestly felt as if I was in four different countries whilst walking the Heaphy track. And here they are…

The first day we were surrounded by dense New Zealand bush and fauna. Green, green, green! Everywhere you looked, there was bush. We encountered many streams and bridges. Listened to beautiful native birds and insects. Whilst also keeping an eye out for the giant snails that lurk around the West coast! New Zealand country. 

The second day we ventured off for a 24km walk to the next hut. Out of New Zealand we went and right over to Africa. The never ending, flat land covered in low plantation took us away from our normal surroundings. I expected to see a giraffe or an elephant popping up somewhere. It truly was amazing. (Phone quality=top notch)

The third day it was a slightly shorter walk to our next hut. We returned back to the New Zealand bush for the most part of the walk. However when we got closer to the hut, the surrounding started looking like a Brazilian rain forest. (I have not been to Brazil, so this is just an assumption. We would like to think it resembled but it’s highly likely it won’t!!)This is “Heaphy Hut” right next to the beach. Famous for sand flies! Remember bug spray…vital!Our final day walking saw us enter a tropical paradise. The tall trees resembled that of an island. These were scattered all along our final journey beside the beach. So very beautiful. 

Finishing the track with sore feet and backs, it surely was a breath taking experience that I highly recommend!!

So who needs to leave the country when the Heaphy track provides 4 countries in one destination. Perfect!

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