What is “The Travelling Wannabe”?

So you may have stumbled across this blog whilst trying to find something you were actually interested in but nevertheless, hello and welcome!

I am a New Zealander (a country east of Australia!), and a University student currently working towards a commerce degree.

I started University in 2017 and thought it was exactly what i wanted to do with my life and money…spend $20,000 a year and dedicating at least 4 more years of my life to education. Well, so I thought. Don’t get me wrong, i still have all the intentions to carry on and complete my commerce degree, however the big wide world is out there also calling my name.

The idea of “The Travelling Wannabe” is solely about wanting to travel, but not being able to (just yet anyway!). Which is basically anyone who has a full time job, is a student or is just tied down with monetary problems. So whilst I am in New Zealand for quite a while longer, I will experience all it has to offer.

Next year I am looking at going on a student exchange to England, and then travelling Europe whilst I am over there. My dream has always been to go to London (typical!)

This blog will basically outline my adventures within New Zealand and where you should go (the hidden gems!), tips of surviving University and when the time comes…travelling overseas!!!



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